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Data Library 

The data library is a growing collection of information pertinent to the Cali Baja mega region. Click on a file format icon to display all these files in the table below, or perform a simple search for items of interest.
Files available for download include GIS information as packaged ESRI files (.SHP) and/or Google Earth KMZ, as well as spreadsheets and various text documents. The dashboard below provides a tally of current data library contents, which you may search from the area below that.


Total Records: 593
Data product Category sub Infra Filetype Size Descending      
SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=543 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §1 GDP  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=544 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §2 Population  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=545 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §3 Education  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=546 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §4 Employment as of 10-2010  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=547 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §5 Largest employers  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=548 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §6 Interstate freeway  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=549 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §7 Border crossings  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=550 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD §8 Misc SD data and emp tables  Statistics      XLS  63 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=551 ../lib/SDCO_Megaregion_SDCounty_2010.xls
SD_Co_Hospital_Districts_2011        KMZ  62 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=383 ../lib/SD_Co_Hospital_Districts_2011.kmz
SD_Co_CMS_Clinics_2007        SHP  61 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=294 ../lib/
SD_Co_Smoking_Cessation_Program        SHP  61 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=468 ../lib/
BC_Aprovechamiento_Forestal_2010  Statistics      XLS  60 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=136 ../lib/BC_AprovechamientoForestal_2010_c0213.xls
BC_Pesca_2010  Statistics      XLS  60 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=150 ../lib/BC_Pesca_2010_c0214.xls
SD_Climate_1970  Environment  Weather    SHP  59 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=11 ../lib/
I_Co_Rail_2000  Infrastructure  Railway    SHP  59 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=192 ../lib/
SD_Co_GAS_STATIONS_2007        SHP  59 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=365 ../lib/
SD_City_Cap_Improvement_Proj_Sewer_2006        KMZ  57 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=223 ../lib/SD_City_Cap_Improvement_Proj_Sewer_2006.kmz
SD_City_Mobile_Home_Park_Overlay_2003        SHP  57 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=239 ../lib/
SD_Co_Air_Runways_2010  Infrastructure  Airport    KMZ  57 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=271 ../lib/SD_Co_Air_Runways_2010.kmz
SD_Co_GAS_STATIONS_2007        KMZ  57 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=364 ../lib/SD_Co_GAS_STATIONS_2007.kmz
BC_Mineria_2010  Statistics      XLS  55 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=149 ../lib/BC_Mineria_2010_c0215.xls
SD_Co_FEMA_Flood_Panel_2009        KMZ  53 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=322 ../lib/SD_Co_FEMA_Flood_Panel_2009.kmz
SD_Co_Immunization_Registry_Locs_2007        SHP  53 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=389 ../lib/
I_Co_Rail_2000  Infrastructure  Railway    KMZ  52 KB     prod_view.php?prodid=191 ../lib/I_Co_Rail_2000.kmz

  Download MegaReport

 Download comprehensive 2010
 statistics spreadsheets here.
 This report covers the
 following topics 
 GDP Comparison
 Population - Education - 
 Employment - Income
 Labor costs
 Land purchase prices /
 Rental space
 Water / Power prices
 Geospanning Companies
 Top 10 Employers
 Freeways Border Crossing figures
 Rail Freight (tonnage)
 Sea cargo incl TEUS
 Air operations
 BAJA large companies in clusters
 SD Misc data